Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteer Coordinators Message:

We did it! We put on another great Canmore Canada Day. It was an awesome event and I bet some of you are still exhausted?!

Well – you have done a fantastic job and we could never have done it without you! It is unfortunate that we couldn’t find more volunteers – it would have made it easier for everyone. But it is what it is… we had to deal with the situation and we did it well… you did it well!

On July 9th we had a very casual get together for BBQ and beverages at the back yard of the beautiful house of Beth Vandervoort, our President, who offered to host this appreciation event. We chilled out by Policeman’s Creek on a warm summer evening. It was a great way to get to know all the other volunteers who worked so diligently side by side with you!

Again – Thank you very much!

And if I don’t see you at the party, I will hopefully see you again on the 1st of July 2016! 😉

By the way: If you would like to share some thoughts on improvements, what went well and what didn’t I’d be happy to receive your thoughts and we will try to implement your good ideas in next years’ organization! We strive to become better every year.

We would like to thank all our volunteers from 2015:

Football ClubCanada Day Volunteer T-Shirt 2015
Aidan    Parker
Akemi    Ogle
Allan    Thompson
Beulah    Schneider
Bill     Hennebury
Bruce    Watson
Carly    Russell
Cathy    Maetche
Cheryl    Sanford
Christian    L’Archeveque
Christopher    Isbister
Cole    Rapiach
Colin    Griss
Connor    McLeod
Dante    Barbaro
Dave    Webster
Don    Cameron
Donna    Smith
Drew    Holloway
Drew    Peardon
Dylan    Ogle
Edson    Nodomi
Elizabeth&Martin    Mueller
Elliot    Jantz
Emily    Brooksbank
Ernie    Muise
Ethan    Meldrum
Evan    Ellis
Fernando    Pina
Fiona    Koether
Georg    McKay
George    Meszaros
Heather    Moore
Helen    O’Neill
Janina    Hammerling
Jeff    Laidlaw
John    Cranston
Joyce    Sakon
Jua    Lee
Kara    Maier
Leeon    Long
Leslie    Lewis
Lylea    Ottmann
Lynda    Gale
Lyra    Blackwood
Marianne    Rodriguez-Vigouroux
Marilee    Smiley
Mario    Rusch
Martin    Mueller
Matt    Ellis
Max    Ruane
McGregor    Stahl
Natalie    Edwards
Pat    Grayling
Ricky    Kirihara
Rose    Foster
Rozy    Noblet
Samantha    Janzen
Samantha    Semperboni
Sarah    Dube
Spencer    McLeod
Spencer    Casselman
Tanya    Stahl
Teresa    Holmes
Teresa    Engel
Trent    Monsen
Wendy    Mulligan
Wendy    Spahr
Yvonne    Seow

We would like to thank all our volunteers from 2013 and 2014. Please forgive us if we have forgotten anyone – We will improve next time!

Alex    Brown
Alexis    Walton
Andrea    Rankin
Andrea&Brian    Ruzicka
Andy    Turner
Angel    Saucier
Ann    Tower
Anne    Evely
Arielle    Lavallee
Ben    Peterson
Beulah    Schneider
Brad    Lancop
Brett    Clark
Bruce    Watson
Caroline    Yull
Cass    Jelleau
Cathy    Jones
Cheryl    Sanford
Christian    L’Archeveque
Conor    Lye
Cory    Fish
Dana    Scott Rees
Dave    Webster
Deb    Meronek
Derek    Keet
Don    Armitt
Don    Cameron
Don    Rees
Don&Andrea    Cameron
Donna    Smith
Dorothy & Doug    Matthews
Drew    Holloway
Elaine    Bradley
Elizabeth    Jones
Elizabeth&Martin    Mueller
Emily    Brooksbank
Ernie    Muise
Fred    Hall
Georg    McKay
Grace    Curley
Holly    Crowe
Iain    Ramsey
Ian    Wilkinson
Irene    Macklem
Jacques    Lavallee
James    Faylor
Jane    Neil
Jean     Samis
Jessica    Hofer
Jill    Martland
John    Cranston
John    Snoddy
Jordan & Emma    Williamson
Joyce    Sakon
Judy    Stevens
Julia    Hall
Kara    Maier
Karen    Re
Katja    Trinkler
Klara    Santa
Leslie    Lewis
Lisa&Peter    DeSoto
Lois    Straw
Lorraine    Wong
Lylea    Ottmann
Lynn    Jones
Mairead    Brown
Maria Isabel    Rodriguez
Marianne    Rodriguez-Vigouroux
Mario    Rusch
Mark    Ens
Martin    Warren
Martin    Mueller
Mat    Strickland
Mati    Brown
Maureen&Elisabeth    Fraser
Micheline    Ralet
Mina    Inkyo
Namako    Toda
Neil & Leslie    Connor
Pablo    Martinez
Pat    Grayling
Paul    Bedford
Peter    Rollason
Rob    Shears
Robin    Clegg
Romy    Hiemstra
Rose    Foster
Sachi    Takagaki
Sara    Yamamoto
Scott    Anderson
Sue    Rollason
Sue    Robertson
Suzanne    Goertzen
Sylvie    Lievre
Tamara    Hill
Tamara    Krummemacher
Tanya    Stahl
Taylor    Youngblood
Tim    Milliken
Tom    Thoroughgood
Toshiyuki    Yamada
Vi    Sanford
Vince    Sorrenit
Warren     Martin
Wendy    Mulligan
Yumiko    Mori
Yvonne    Seow