Volunteer Positions & Volunteer Registration Form

Special Opportunity –  Our professional face-painter Amelie Payeur will teach 4 lucky volunteers how to facepaint 1 different image each! Teaching will take place during 2 sessions of 2 hours each on June 13th and 20th from 6:30 until 8:30pm. (subject to change). You will then use your new skills in the park on July 1st between 1-5pm. All materials provided!

For returning Parade Crew Volunteers: Please note, that the parade is now manned by town employees……but we still do need you! Please choose another position and help us make this event a special one!

Please choose where you would like to help and fill in the form below! We will be in touch with you!

Please mark your calendar: Volunteer Orientation night will be at the Legion on Tuesday, June 27th at 6:30pm.



Time Slot


Fireworks Security July 1st 9.30pm-11.30pm In cooperation with the Fireworks Coordinator you help set up barricades before the fireworks and make sure nobody enters the off-limits area before and during the fireworks. After the fireworks you remove the barricades and leave them at a place where they will be picked up later on.
Bouncy Castle Crew July 1st 1pm-5:30pm You interact with parents and children, make sure that kids line up, assure that certain safety instructions are followed and that everything is in order and everybody is happy.
Family Area Setup July 1st 10am-12am In cooperation with the family-area coordinator you help setting up three bouncy castles and a few tents. You make sure, that the bouncy castles are up and ready before the Parade is over.
Face Painters July 1st 1pm-5:30pm You are a volunteer face painter. You like to interact with kids and work with brush and colours. There will be different age groups, so that all skill levels are welcome! Besides face painters we also need volunteers to do tattoos!
Shaw Kids Zone July 1st 1pm-5:30pm The Shaw Kids Zone consists of various games and activities for kids. You are flexible and help where you are needed most!
Stage Support July 1st 2.00pm-9.30pm As a “runner” you will be assisting the entertainers in getting on and off the stage. You will help move musical equipment as directed and assist the FOH sound engineer with set up and strike.
Resource Recovery July 1st 6:30am-9.30pm You will be posted at the Resource Recovery Tent and help people to separate their waste or you may walk around with a wagon, collecting full trash bags, weighing and logging the bags collected, collecting loose debris in the park, etc.
Site Setup Crew June 30th 9am-3pm You will help setting up tents, move chairs and tables, set up signage, etc. Skilled strong manual workers are needed as well as helpful hands just to move easy things.
Site Setup Crew July 1st 7am-10am Same as above
Site Takedown Crew July 1st 3pm-7pm You will help taking down tents, move chairs and tables, bring down signage etc. Reverse Site-Setup.
Site Takedown Crew July 2nd 9am-3pm You will help taking down tents, move chairs and tables, bring down signage etc. Reverse Site-Setup
Traffic Coordinator July 1st 1pm-2pm On the day itself, you help to set up barricades around centennial park mainly to control parking.
Volunteer Tent July 1st 7am-9:30pm You are a jolly character and a happy and outgoing communicator! Together with the volunteer coordinator, you are the contact person for all the volunteers: Coordination, questions, food, lost and found, volunteer appreciation, etc. You also answer questions from the public concerning venue, program. You are a meeting point, take care of lost children etc.